FatCat 3000

Key Features include:

Wide Hull

Huge Flat Floor

Self Draining 



Light enough to easily move around

Various seating options


3 wheel amphibious option!

The FatCat 3000 is designed to be the greatest all round 3 meter boat available. It is created with multiple purposes in mind - both recreational and commercial.

It adheres to the FatCat principals of Safety, Stability and Space and offers incredible "bang for your buck" - Boats to start from $3995. 

This 3000 is light enough for one or two people to easily walk to the water with, launch without having to worry about a car or trailer, robust enough to take all sorts of abuse, stable enough to feel safe, wide enough to take enough gear, Customisable to meet your needs. Versatile enough for be used for almost anything.

LOA: 3.0m

Beam: 1.5m

Hull Weight: 110kg

Max HP: 20Hp

Multiple options - basically anything within the confines of the platform - we're in the development stages - contact us for more information

Finance available

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