What sets FATCAT apart?

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Incredible STABILITY

·         Hull buoyancy is at the edges where it's most effective. Like sitting on a box rather than a leg. 

·         Allows the entire boat to be used - crew can move around boat without fear of tipping

·         Wide Overall Beam

·         Self Draining Cockpit/Large Scuppers remove any water fast

·         Great longitudinal stability - Very little bow lift at all speeds

·         Turns corners as if it's on rails. No excessive lean in or out.


Great SAFETY Features

·         300L of Foam added inside Hulls - Unsinkable

·         High Freeboard 

·         Cockpit is above the Waterline so drains all by itself. No bilge pumps or fwd motion needed!

·         Large Scuppers with Scupper tails to block off backflow

·         Wide Side Decks - Safe to sit and stand on. 

·         Flat Floor - no trip hazards

·         Stable - keep you balance

·         Multiple Grab Handles

Enormous SPACE

·         Wide Beam

·         Versatile, wide & unencumbered Sole (Floor)

·         Wide Side Decks for Comfort

·         Catamaran Design - Box Shape rather than wedge shape - uses full dimensions 

·         Large Boarding Platform

·         Hulls have enough volume and stability to take increased payload

·         Whilst the volume of larger boats, they still fit into the parking space of a small car making for easy storage

Intelligent DESIGN

·        Created by former Emirates Team New Zealand Design Team Member

·         Innovative features throughout to make for a more practical and useable boat

·         Designed both to perform and look GREAT .


·         Rotomoulded hull 

·         Quiet in the water

·         Softens any shock loads

·         Easy to repair

·         Virtually no maintenance needed

·         Fully Recyclable

·         Resiliant to scrapes and scratches.


·         Easy to fit parts to or modify to suit your needs

·         Massive space, stability, robustness lends itself to almost anything.

Multiple COLOUR Options

Built in NEW ZEALAND with Pride.