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Our Boats

Constructed from foam cored composites to keep weight down, the Mouse is a fantastic tender or off the beach boat. The available space, stability and all round practicality is unsurpassed for a 2.4m boat. It's round bilge design to minimise low speed drag is perfect for rowing and electric motors

The 3000 offers all the benefits of the larger boats but in a smaller package. Unsurpassed Safety, Stability and Space. Multiple seating options. A very versatile package!

The 4000 is a fantastic all-round boat. It's affordable, safe, stable, has huge volume and ticks a lot of boxes for a lot of people. Check it out today!


Taking beam to the maximum allowed under NZ road rules, The 5000 takes all the FatCat advantages to the next level. It is a fantastic package with unsurpassed space, safety and stability in a 5 meter boat. 

No two customers are ever the same. Being a local company, with a wide range of design tools and construction experience, we can tailor a boat just for you. We are experienced in Plastics, Composites and Timber construction along with partners who specialise in Aluminium construction. We can build or modify our boats in any of these materials.