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Airtight hulls ensure the boats are unsinkable

The cockpit floor (sole) is above the waterline makes boat totally selfdraining – even if completely swamped!!

Wide Side decks significantly increase the angle the boat must heel before downflooding occurs.

The flat, clear floor removes all trip hazards

The stability of the platform allows you to move around without fear of capsize


Fatcats are wider than most which gives them more volume

The catamaran design extends the width the entire length of the boat.

FatCats have buoyancy below the cockpit sole enabling all floor space to be utilized and unencumbered by pontoons or coamings.


The Catamaran design, with the hull volume in the extremities, creates outstanding stability which gives a level platform for easy standing, moving around and ensures easy embarking/disembarking


Conceived, designed, built and tested here. 

You deal with us direct. 


A Fatcat offers more for its length than any other boat on the market. It has the stability, space and safety of a much larger boat.